If you need to obtain your medals or ribbons follow the below instructions which will step you thru the process. If you cannot get results from following the below process, contact your local U.S. congressman here.

You will need your DD214 Separation Document. If you don’t have that you can go here and request it. If you need your DD214 number in a hurry you can hire a private company here. Any next of kin can also do this (mother, father, sibling, non-remarried widow, or non-divorced spouse).

You will need the service member’s social security number, date of service (approximate), place and date of birth, place where discharged (if possible), and last assigned unit (if possible). You go can here and read information that will walk you through the process.

Unfortunately, there was a 1973 fire that destroyed many service records.

In some rare cases, parts of a military record will not be accessible due to it being classified. Next-of-kin are often surprised to find out that their family member was engaged in classified operations. This is not unusual as they are forbidden from ever discussing it. Many times they don’t want to discuss it.