Military Votes Count exists to mobilize active military, veterans, and defense industry civilians as a political force. We are a group of volunteers that work inside and outside the political system.

There are 21.8 million veterans, 1.4 million active military, and 3.7 million civilian defense workers. When you add in their families that is 32.4 million voters. To put that in prospective, Obama got 65.9 million votes in 2012. If we can boost the military vote, we can move mountains.

In 2012 Mitt Romney carried the active military vote by 66%. In 2008 John McCain did slightly better at 68%. Unfortunately, in 2010 only 4.6% of active military votes were counted even though 15.8% requested ballots. It is outrageous that our active duty military are voting in such low numbers. If you sign up to fight for our country, surely you can take the time to register to vote, then vote.

If you are active military and are having any problems registering to vote, or your superior is placing barriers to your voting, we want to know about it. Your complaint will be kept confidential. Likewise, if you are aware of any systematic effort to suppress the military vote, we want to know about it. Our email address is

Our second mandate is to assist veterans in accessing their earned benefits, their earned medals, and improving their lives.

If you are looking for the typical non-partisan news that permeates so many military and veteran websites, you have come to the wrong place. We have a point of view that will become obvious when you read our news section. We try to provide actual quotes or video where available. Much of what we say isĀ fact, not opinion.

You are free to repost our stories. A hat tip would be nice. We are based in the United States, Kentucky to be exact. We prefer to be called Appalachian-Americans. The author is a retired quantum physics scientist with extensive experience working inside campaigns.

Since we have no advertisers and make no money it is obvious that all articles fall under the fair use doctrine of “for education purposes.” Moreover, we put the MilitaryVotesCount transformational spin on everything we touch whether that be comedy, satire, or our out-of-the-box way of viewing world events. For those of you who wish to sue us, please consider this paragraph.

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