To understand the power of the media, one only need look at our attack on Libya in 2011. This was cheered on by the mainstream media with the ridiculous cover story about Gaddafi slaughtering his own people. It was championed by Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Barack Obama, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Adam Kinzinger, et. al. We fought alongside Al Qaeda to topple Gaddafi. Al Qaeda and ISIS were handed Libya.

America launched an unprovoked, offensive war against the most prosperous country in Africa. Hillary would later say that our NATO allies [France] wanted to go to war and we had to back them because they backed us when we launched an offensive war in Iraq. Yes, she actually said that.

The results of the Libyan War were 40,000 dead in the initial battle, followed by a mass black genocide of another 10,00o or so. It opened the floodgates on a mass refugee flow into Europe. Germany, in connection with “charity” companies are running ferries back and forth across the Mediterranean Sea bringing in millions of Muslims. Eventually, Europe will fall under the crushing weight of these new immigrants. The uber liberal press of Europe have brainwashed their citizens into welcoming these new “immigrants” (i.e.- illegal aliens). Already, the most uber liberal country, Sweden, has basically fallen apart. Their police have put out a notice that they can no longer protect the people. If you are a young woman in Sweden, you have a very good chance of being raped.

What is happening now is that illegals are washing up on wealthy resort areas. Let’s see how the rich react when illegals invade their la di da beaches. As you watch, remember who in America championed and supported this policy. It is the crime of the century.

Illegals Storm Resort Beach in Spain

Illegals Breach Spain/Morocco Border – Cop Breaks His Leg

Illegals Wash Up On San Diego Beach

There is no question that North Korea is a big problem–a madman with nukes. What happens when the Muslim “immigrants” take over France’s nuclear arsenal or Britain’s. What do we do then?

The invasion of Iraq and Libya were the crimes of the century. They were done right in front of your eyes with the support of the mainstream press, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the House and Senate leadership, and nobody said boo. You see, if the mainstream media doesn’t report on it, then it never happened.

This is the same mainstream media that is cheerleading the North Korean War. It is the same FBI, CIA, and NSA. Be careful believing what they tell you. Maybe it is true, maybe it is not.

The big story is Bob Mueller’s witch hunt thru the Trump team’s finances, or Donald Trump’s tone with North Korea. Go back to sleep, and ignore the two biggest crimes in American history. The people who committed those crimes are respectable politicians with pitch perfect tone. Never mind that they created ISIS, fought alongside Al Qaeda, and destabilized Europe. Noooooo…those are good, respectable people.

Did anyone go to jail?


As always, click on images to look for Easter Eggs. Happy hunting.

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Iraq & Libya: The Crimes Of The Century – What About North Korea?