In 2014 John Brennan’s CIA illegally hacked the computers and email of the Senate Intelligence Committee headed by Diane Fienstein. It was not announced how the CIA gained such unfettered access.

We now know the Awan brothers had super user (i.e.- administrator) privileges to many Democrat’s computers and phones, including those on the Intelligence Committee. We also know that the Awans had a Virginia car lot they called, “Cars International A” (CIA). Were these guys insinuating that they were working for the CIA?

We also know that Imran Awan seemed to be able to break the driving laws at will with no consequence. And, we know the background check on them went thru even tho there were a host of problems. Something is really wrong here.

Let me ask you something. If Obama’s CIA hacked into its own Democrat-led Senate Intelligence Committee, do you really believe they would not hack into Trump’s campaign. Is that what you believe?

Let’s look at the Awan’s backgrounds. Ask yourself how these guys got super user privileges over Democrat House computers.

Brief History of Awan’s Background

Why isn’t this a bigger story?

What are they hiding?

Can you say CIA/Mainstream Press collusion?

Sure, I knew you could.

Isn’t John Brennan’s CIA one of the two intelligence agencies that said Trump was colluding with Russia. Do you believe him?

I understand the Awans worked in the House and Fienstein is in the Senate. However, there is a lot of bleed over and cooperation, especially at the staff level.

I have no idea whether or not the Awans were on the CIA payroll. That is pure speculation on my part. It does fit the facts.

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Did The CIA Pay The Awans To Illegally Search Senate Computers