How did Bill Clinton know Loretta Lynch was going to be on the Tarmac at Phoenix Airport. A special unit of the FBI provides security for the Attorney General. Did someone at the FBI leak Loretta Lynch’s plane schedule. Was it Andrew McCabe? Clinton’s best friend, Terry McAuliffe dumped $675,000 or more into Jill McCabe’s campaign in Virginia. I’m just saying it doesn’t look good. Hat Tip:  True Pundit.

It is being reported that Bill Clinton chartered the private jet in New Jersey that morning.

How did Bill Clinton know where Loretta Lynch’s unmarked jet was going to be?

How did he know that?

Did Comey’s FBI Tip Off Bill Clinton About Loretta Lynch’s Jet Location

It has been reported by the Observer that Clinton delayed his departure to meet up with Lynch. How did he know to do that?

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Did Someone at FBI Set Up Clinton/Lynch Tarmac Meeting