Someone on Trump’s staff leaked transcripts of his phone calls to the the president of Mexico and Australia. The NSA has been rifling thru our metadata. I wonder how they would like it if we turned the tables on them. 

President Trump can call Andrew McCabe, Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, and his entire cabinet to a meeting. He can then ask that they place their cell phones on the table because he is going to take them into a secure room to discuss North Korea. He can confiscate the government issued cell phones and see who they have been calling. If Rod Rosenstein had calls with James Comey before he appointed Mueller, that would be grounds to fire him. If anyone has calls to reporters who write leaked stories, assuming the timing is correct, that would be grounds to fire them. Those phones are government property. Trump has every right to view them without a warrant. Your boss has every right to view your company cell phone and computer at any time. There is no expectation of privacy. Not only can he inspect the metadata, he can inspect the actual data–the actual content of emails. If he is clever enough, he can capture the actual data of phone calls too.

He can repeat this process with lesser staff. Give them new phones with their contacts intact. Keep their old phones and rifle thru them.

Obviously, the scenario does not have to go exactly like describe above. The point is Jeff Sessions has every right to rifle thru his staff’s computers and cell phones. Ditto for president Trump and his White House staff. Ditto for Congressmen and their staff. Ditto for the Director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, and his staff. 
I am guessing that some of these government employees just might be dumb enough to do their illegal deeds on their government equipment.
The NSA has been rifling thru our phones for over a decade. Let’s see how they like it. 
Even if I am dead wrong, Trump can pardon the person who rifles thru the computers and phones. 
The president can choose to release anything he finds. After all they released his private phone calls. 
This is called hard ball. 
This is called doing something. 
This is called draining the swamp.

One of the chief problems with Washington is the pols are afraid to act once they get there. Jeff Sessions was a great Senator, but he is not very good at running an organization. He lacks the nerve. They are running all over him. Way too nice of a guy. 

Our opponents, the crooks and the Democrats, are political knife fighters. To compete we have to get nasty. 

You want to get really nasty?

The press probably connects to the White House WiFi. If you use my server, you agree to my conditions. My conditions are that I get to release anything you are saying. Let’s see how the press likes it when we release their private conversations. This can be done anonymously. Eventually, the press will figure out that the leaks are coming from the White House WiFi.

For those of you who are a little squeamish about doing this, I can assure you that Obama did this and much, much more.

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