There is a lot of talk about President Trump using recess appointments to fill his cabinet. The problem is that the Senate and House just voted to have pro forma sessions during their August recess. Every three days a congressperson or senator gavels their chamber into session, then adjourns. Let’s watch.

Pro Forma Session Of The Senate

These pro forma sessions started during President George Bush Jr.’s second term to prevent him from making recess appointments.

The Start Of Pro Forma Sessions In 2007

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell voted to have pro forma sessions over the August 2017 recess. What is very unusual is that a Republican controlled House and Senate is stretching the rules to stop their own president from making recess appointments. They are working with the Democrats to obstruct the president. If there was any doubt whose side these people are on, now you know. Spoiler alert – it is not the middle class.

Please allow me to point out that they stretch the “in-session” rules, but strictly adhere to the antiquated filibuster rule. The GOPe can bend or adhere to the rules to fit their desires. Their desires are to slow down and obstruct Trump. They are working with the Democrats.

Two Renegades & A President –

Theoretically, if there were a renegade congressperson and a renegade senator, they could sneak into the pro forma session and ask for a quorum count. Since the quorum count would fail, because there is nobody there, the House and Senate would lapse into recess. If both houses lapse into recess for ten days the president can appoint whomever he wants to serve until the next Congress on January 3, 2019. The two renegades could theoretically force the House and Senate members to fly back to Washington DC. They could continue doing this until they repealed ObamaCare.

“Neither House, during the Session of Congress, shall, without the Consent of the other, adjourn for more than three days, nor to any other Place than that in which the two Houses shall be sitting.”

–Article I, Section 5, Clause 4 of Constitution

Please notice I said “theoretically.” The reason I say this is because the Democrats in the House tried this tactic in 2016. The leadership in the House turned off the cameras and the lights, then left. The Supreme Court would have to intervene in Congressional rules. They have done this before and ruled that Obama could not make recess appointments during pro forma sessions. They said the House and Senate decide when they are in session, not the president.

Republican Turns Out Lights On Democrats During Pro Forma Session

The Alabama Option –

This is the best strategy for Trump. He should actively campaign for his favorite candidate in Alabama. If that person wins, it will give Trump added clout on Capitol Hill. There are several candidates running. The appointed sitting senator, Luther Strange, is a GOPe, Mitch McConnell, puppet. Trump should definitely block that guy. Hannity and Rush should jump on board. The Congress needs to hear loud and clear who is running the Party, and it isn’t Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan.

The West Virginia Option –

The West Virginia governor just switched parties to become a Republican. This leaves Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) on an island. If he switches parties and votes to repeal ObamaCare, then John McCain is neutered. Why do you think Trump was in West Virginia.

The Cell Phone Option –

President Trump can call Andrew McCabe, Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, and his entire cabinet to a meeting. He can then ask that they place their cell phones on the table because he is going to take them into a secure room to discuss North Korea. He can confiscate the government issued cell phones and see who they have been calling. If Rod Rosenstein had calls with James Comey before he appointed Mueller, that would be grounds to fire him. If anyone has calls to reporters who write leaked stories, that would be grounds to fire them. Those phones are government property. Trump has every right to view them without a warrant. Your boss has every right to view your company cell phone and computer at any time.

He can repeat this process with lesser staff. Give them new phones with their contacts intact. Keep their old phones and rifle thru them.

The Takeaway –

The Republicans have 34 governorships, both houses of Congress and the Presidency. They have trifecta control of 25 states. And yet, the Democrats, the media, and the deep state are still running the country.

Trump is not investigating Hillary. Hillary’s lawyers are investigating him.

Think about that. Think about it some more. Something is really wrong here.

CNN is still on at the airports for God sakes. They can’t even change the channel at the airports.

The truth is that we cannot help Trump if he will not help himself. He needs to take off the gloves. Stretch the rules. I hate to say it, but he is behaving more and more like that thing he likes to grab.

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