Robert Mueller has staffed his witch hunt…er…Special Counsel with attorneys who specialize in financial crimes and obstruction of justice. It is clear Robert Mueller intends to comb thru Trump and Kushner’s financial records until he finds something he can prosecute. This has nothing to do with Russian collusion or interference in the election. It is simply a tribunal to get Trump and his associates no matter what. The whole thing is a corrupt joke. It isn’t even close.

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Dick Morris Explains Mueller’s Witch Hunt

What Trump Should Do –

“Thank you. As you know I have been cleared multiple times as not having anything to do with Russia’s alleged interference in our election.

The Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, is staffing his team with financial crimes and obstruction of justice lawyers. I am a billionaire with extremely complicated financial dealings. I have no doubt that if Robert Mueller looked long and hard enough he could find some “t” I didn’t cross, or some “i” I didn’t dot. This is true of every American businessman. That is why we need to reform the tax code.

The FBI, DOJ, and Congress are not devoting enough resources to investigating the Clinton Foundation, Obama officials who illegally unmasked innocent Americans, illegal leaks, Robert Mueller’s FBI harassing Catherine Engelbrecht, and the Obama officials who lied to Congress and destroyed evidence.

The appointment of Robert Mueller should never have happened as there is no underlying crime. We do not appoint Special Counsels to go on fishing expeditions. That is not justice. It is injustice. Furthermore, Robert Mueller is a personal friend of James Comey which is a violation of 28 CFR 45.2.

I am putting an end to this witch hunt today. The following individuals are pardoned: Jared Kushner, General Michael Flynn, Carter Page, and Paul Manafort. The following people are fired: Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, John Koskinen, and Bill Priestap. I am revoking the White House press credentials of the following organizations: The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, and MSNBC.

Following this press conference I will be meeting with the new leader of the FBI and the DOJ with specific instructions to devote significant resources to what appears to be crimes by the previous administration. We will be declassifying documents so they can do their jobs.

I want to make something very clear. I am the head of the FBI and the DOJ, and I will be giving them instruction as I see fit. It was never constitutionally true that the president is supposed to have a hands off policy with these two agencies. We do not have bureaucracies rule themselves as that is a recipe for massive corruption.

The unelected members of the media DO NOT run our country. The era of hiding under our desks as they print fake news stories is over. Stop listening to these people. Some of these companies are foreign owned, including the New York Times. The media/entertainment complex is a special interest group just like any other.

I came here to drain the swamp, and that is what I intend to do. If Congres wishes to impeach me, they are free to do so. I will go back to my family, and the swamp will remain.

Thank you.”

–Donald Trump

Trump’s life was better before he was president. He is there for us. If he is not going to fix the big problems, he should go home. He doesn’t need this. Mr. President, we got your back. I promise if you give that speech it will work.

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