You cannot defeat an enemy unless you name it. Radical Democratic Terrorism is an enemy of our Constitutional Republic. This radicalism is everywhere. It is in our Congress, in our bureaucracies, and in our media/entertainment complex. The shooter self-radicalized by listening to the Radical Democratic Imams of the media.

The Modern Imams of Radical Democratic Terrorism

Urging Their Shock Troops To Kill

Radical Democratic Imam Loretta Lynch

“They’ve marched, they’ve bled,..some of them have died…We must do this again.”

Radical Democratic Imam Tim Kaine

Radical Democratic Imam Barack Obama

The Killer’s Tweet Showing Trump as a Nazi


Hat Tip: Mark Dice Channel

Where did the shooter get the idea that Trump was a Nazi?

The Radical Democratic Imams of the Media Told Him

Remember when the media over and over again asked Trump if he would disavow David Duke, but never asked Hillary the same question when the current head of the KKK endorsed her. Just so you know, David Duke left the KKK over 30 years ago.

Connecting The Dots –

We are very worried about the influence that radical Imams have on spreading radical Islamic terrorism. We are not as concerned about how the radical Imams of Radical Democratic Terrorism are spreading their hate inside our country. What is most concerning is that some of these disciples of hate are elected officials, one was president. They also have control of our networks.

You can see Radical Democratic Terrorism spreading. Conservatives are not allowed to speak at college campuses, their supporters are beaten as the police stand down, towns are burned, cops are murdered, congressmen can’t hold town halls, and now a congressman is shot. This was wholly predictable.

As you move left across the political spectrum you eventually enter the socialist/communist domain. Socialism and communism are inherently violent. The Democrat Party of your fathers is gone, and radical socialists and communists have taken their place. Radical Democratic Terrorism is just another name for Communism.

I have been saying over and over that the capture of our media/entertainment complex is the number one problem in America. Up till now I haven’t called them by their name: Radical Democratic Terrorists. This is a much bigger threat than radical Islamic terrorism because it is inside our Capitol, inside our bureaucracy, and inside our networks.

The Republican governors need to get control of the universities in their states as these are the staging areas for this radicalism.

The Problem

The Solution

Thomas Massie’s good friend, Rand Paul was batting when the shooter struck. You can’t play ball with a gun strapped to your hip. You can place one in your ball bag. Always carry your weapon. Don’t be a victim.

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Call It By Its Name: Radical Democratic Terrorism – Congressman Shot