How did Comey know that leaking his memo to the New York Times would trigger a Special Counsel?

How did he know that?

Answer: Because he had discussed it with Rod Rosenstein in advance.

Rosenstein needed an excuse. He and Comey cooked this up. If I were Jeff Sessions, I’d take a look at Rosenstein’s emails and phone records just in case he was dumb enough to meet with Comey using either of those devices.

If Mueller had any integrity, he would have recused himself because he is friends with Comey. It is way out of bounds for Mueller to still be the Special Counsel. Indeed, it is ridiculously corrupt.

You certainly do not have an ex parte meeting with a man who may be a perpetrator. Comey’s FBI hired the PissGate guy, Richard Steele. Mr. Steele worked with the Russians to write this document. Comey (actually McCabe) hired the guy who worked with the Russians in an effort to frame Trump. Then Comey had a one-on-one meeting with Trump to warn him that they had this document (i.e.- the J. Edgar Comey meeting). “You know Mr. President, I’d sure hate to see something like this come out. If you don’t play ball, it just might.”

Lastly, the FBI never inspected the computers at the DNC or DCCC. Hillary and Dingbat Debbie hired CrowdStrike to do it. Coincidently, CrowdStrike is co-owned by Comey’s best friend, Shawn Henry. The other co-founder is Dimitri Alperovitch, a former Russian hacker. CrowdStrike wiped the computers, servers, and phone systems once they found who leaked. So far, the only evidence of Russian collusion is by James Comey and Hillary Clinton. Hillary’s Russian corruption was well documented in “Clinton Cash.”

Since when is it OK for a witness to hire a computer firm to investigate herself, and the FBI takes their results as proof that the Russians hacked the DNC and DCCC. 

Next time I rob a bank, I’m going to hire my own fingerprint company and send the results into the FBI.

The lawyers Mueller have hired are the kind of guys who break your kneecaps with a ball bat in the parking lot. They are “criminal” lawyers in the “Breaking Bad” sense of the term.

The Republicans need to shut this Special Counsel down, and shut it down now. Once Mueller gets to the judges in Alexandria, Virginia and starts issuing subpoenas, it will be too late. Pardon Flynn, Kushner, Carter, and Manafort. Fire Mueller and Rosenstein. The Congress and the president need to get on the same team. If Trump goes down, you can kiss the Republican Party goodbye.

If you think there has to be actual evidence or this is going to be a fair prosecution, you are sadly mistaken. You don’t know Washington DC…and you certainly do not know Andy McCabe, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, and Robert Mueller.

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Comey Colluded With The Russians