CNN staged a “news” event in London. They showed up with their cameras, Klieg lights and film crews and waited for the actors to take their place. They even brought in snacks and drinks for the crew. They printed signs for the protestors and handed them out. They also bought them flowers to lay down to grieve the victims. Unfortunately, CNN printed a picture of the Tower Bridge on the signs, not the London Bridge where the terrorist attack took place. They positioned their actors in the proper spots and shot the “news.” The signs had hashtags on them so this fake news is followed up with a social media campaign. It is a Democrat/New World Order propaganda campaign. It’s all fake. This is incredible!

Ask yourself this question: How did CNN know that news was suddenly going to appear in front of their cameras. Their cameras are pointing down an empty street, then suddenly “news” appears. Come on man!

At the end of the below “Wood News” video, you can see how the CNN staged news event looked to the world by clicking on the on-air story, and you can see a second video that shows the actors waiting around for the shoot to start. The “actors” may be actual people used by the media. They talk about fake beards in the below video, I do not see that. It is not a good idea to overhype what you are watching. The video speaks for itself.

Please notice the photo shoot is staged like a high school chess club photo: Tall people in back and short people in front. Whenever you see this it is a sign the news is fake.

Hat Tip: Wood News, InfoWars, Mike Cernovich, Mark Dice

On Your Marks, – Quiet On The Set – And Action!

CNN Fake Sympathic Muslims Take One (SNAP!)

I should let you know that CNN pulls their Youtube videos from conservative websites like this one. Some alternative conservative websites also pull their videos as they are attempting to make a living. I take no money, and ask for no money. Hopefully, the folks from “Wood News” will not pull the above embedded video. Please subscribe to their websites and YouTube channels. This is a war.

CNN and other mainstream media outlets work in concert with the deep state. The owners of these networks are the New World Order globalists. These are the same people working in concert to push out the Russian Collusion Conspiracy which has now morphed into obstruction of justice. None of this stuff is real. As you can see from the above video, the multimillionaire news anchors are in on it. They know it is all fake.

CNN is still on at your local airport. Republicans who control these airports boards can change the channel anytime they want. You might want to ask you local governor or county commissioner why they leave CNN on at your airport.

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Media Staging The News – Completely Fake