In 1993 ATF executed a “no-knock” search warrant by tossing grenades through an upstairs window in Waco, Texas. The ATF lied to the judge claiming that the house had a meth lab inside, thus allowing for a military style raid. The agents trained at Fort Hood. The raid was called “Operation Showtime.”

This house contained women and children. The people inside shot the ATF agents as they attempted to enter through a second story window. One of the ATF agents shot himself in the leg climbing the ladder to the roof. Four ATF agents were killed, and 16 wounded. The gun battle raged for 45 minutes until the ATF ran low on ammunition and retreated.

The FBI was called in. William Sessions was the FBI Director. He was fired by President Bill Clinton July 19, 1993, a few months after the Waco debacle. Supposedly he was fired for using public funds to build a fence around his home and fly his family on government planes, but in reality he was fired for being too Republican. The media supported President Clinton.

In 1995 Congress was investigating the conduct of the FBI in the raid. After all 76 people died, and women and children were burned alive on global television. Congressman Bob Barr was convinced that the FBI was tampering with the evidence, and that they certainly had some culpability for what happened in Waco. He got a phone call at his Congressional office and it was Robert Mueller asking Bob to go easy on the FBI agents. Congressman Barr later wrote a book called, “The Meaning of Is: The Squandered Impeachment and Wasted Legacy of William Jefferson Clinton.”

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Waco Video

Blow By Blow Description Of ATF Raid On Waco

Includes Footage Of ATF Agent Shooting Himself In The Leg

The Takeaway –

The press protected Bill Clinton when he fired William Sessions. They also protected him when his Attorney General and FBI barbecued women and children on live television. Then they protected him when Robert Mueller called Congressman Bob Barr and told him to go easy on the FBI guys who had manufactured evidence.

Having a captured media results in a two-tiered system of justice–one for Democrats and one for Republicans. Remember, a scandal is a news story that is repeated over and over and over. Only the media/entertainment complex has the power to create a scandal, and they have been captured by the Democrat Party.

The number one problem in America is the capture of the media/entertainment complex by the Democrats. 

A captured press is wholly inconsistent with liberty and a constitutional republic.

–Military Votes Count

As it turns out the military style raid was completely unnecessary. David Koresh, the leader of the Branch Davidians, routinely went into town and walked around. He could have been arrested while in town. However, if you are the ATF and you are attempting to justify your existence, what better way than to have a big military style raid on national television.

David Koresh was a nut job who sexually mollested kids. He deserved a first class trial followed by a first class hanging; however you arrest him in town. You go to court and make your case. You do not start shooting at the front of an occupied house and toss grenades in the second story window.

No FBI or ATF agents were criminally prosecuted for Waco. Their budgets were increased. In 1995 the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was bombed. It housed the FBI, ATF, and DEA. Timmothy Mcveigh did it for revenge in regards to the Waco Siege.

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Robert Mueller Did What They Are Accusing Trump Of Doing