CNN and nearly every other mainstream news source pushed the fake news story that a black man, Michael Brown, had his hands up when he was gunned down by white officer, Darren Wilson. Two riots devastated Ferguson, Missouri.  Two cops were ambushed and seriously wounded, the taxpayers had to foot $26 million in costs to quell the riots, 73 businesses were destroyed, the City’s $14 million annual operating budget is $3.2 million short, the property damage is in the tens of millions ($5.7 million from the August riot, and much, much more from the bigger November riot…and here). Protests took place in 170 U.S. cities.

CNN Multimillionaire Anchors Intentionally Spreading Fake News To Spike Their Ratings, Increase Their Salaries, And Carry Water For The Democrat Party Who Use Race Riots As A Get-Out-The-Vote Campaign Tactic.

Black Business Closing After Being Looted Three Times – These Businesses Should Be Able To Sue CNN, MSNBC, And Other Fake News Outlets

The Democrats & Their Audio/Visual Team Known As The Mainstream Media Knew They Were Spreading Fake News. This Was No Accident.

MSNBC Intentionally Spreading Fake News About The Tea Party Being Racist Against President Obama. It Doesn’t Get Anymore Obvious Than This.

Former CNN Reporter, Amber Lyon, Says Foreign Governments Are Paying CNN To Air Propaganda. She Made A Documentary About Bahrain That CNN Refused To Air, But She Had Video Proof.

During The Second Debate, CNN’s Candy Crowley Defended President Obama By Saying That He Did Indeed Call Benghazi A Terrorist Attack. However, CBS 60 Minutes Had Videotape Proof That Was A Lie, But Withheld It Until 36 Hours Before The Election, And Then Only Released It On Their Sparsely Read Website. CBS Intentionally Misled (i.e.- Fake News) The American People To Help Reelect President Obama. Below Is The Video CBS Intentionally Withheld.

Connecting The Dots –

Mark Zuckerberg is determined to do something about erasing “fake news” from Facebook. Ditto for Google and Twitter. The problem is that most of the fake news is coming from the mainstream media, and they are working in concert with Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Mark Zuckerberg and Eric Schmidt would have to duct tape their own mouths.

The mainstream liars…er…news is using as an example of “fake news” the story that Hillary sold weapons to ISIS. That is NOT fake news, that is true. Hillary, Obama, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, et. al., sold weapons to “moderate” rebels who turned out to be Al Qaeda, and later joined ISIS with their weapons. I wrote about here. I’ve got videos and everything. You should check it out. You could argue that they didn’t know these people were Al Qaeda, but Ron Paul’s floor speech indicates they did know. Also, there were some mysterious U.S. weapon drops in the middle of the desert where ISIS picked up the weapons. The worst that can be said about this “fake” story is that the headline was sensationalized, but all news media outlets do that to attract readers.

The examples I cite above are NOT mistakes. They are major narratives that the mainstream media pushed. They are intentionally disseminating fake news. That they shuffle in some truth makes them propaganda outlets designed to mislead their audiences.

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May God bless America

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CNN & MSNBC Broadcast Fake News